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:balloon: Welcome to Conduit! :wave:

Conduit is an ultralight service mesh for Kubernetes. It features a minimalist control plane written in Go, and a native proxy data plane written in Rust that boasts the performance of C without the heartbleed.

Conduit is alpha. It is capable of proxying all TCP traffic, including WebSockets and HTTP tunneling, and reporting top-line metrics (success rates, latencies, etc) for all HTTP, HTTP/2, and gRPC traffic.

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View Conduit docs for more a more comprehensive guide to getting started, or view the full Conduit roadmap.

Getting started with Conduit

  1. Install the Conduit CLI with curl | sh.

  2. Add $HOME/.conduit/bin to your PATH.

  3. Install Conduit into your Kubernetes cluster with: conduit install | kubectl apply -f -.

  4. Verify that the installation succeeded with conduit check.

  5. Explore the Conduit controller with conduit dashboard.

  6. Optionally, install a demo application to run with Conduit.

  7. Add your own service to the Conduit mesh!

Working in this repo includes general information on how to work in this repo.

Code of conduct

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