rook 发布版本: v0.9.1

Rook v0.9.1 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on bug fixes.



  • Build with arch-specific Ceph base image to fix the arm64 build (#2406, @travisn)
  • Detect the correct version of the Ceph image when the crd is edited (#2353, @travisn)
  • Correct the name of the dataBlockPool parameter for the storage class of an erasure-coded pool (#2370, @galexrt)
  • Retry generating the self signed cert if the dashboard module is not ready (#2298, @travisn)
  • Set the server_addr on the prometheus and dashboard modules to avoid health errors (#2335, @travisn)
  • Documentation: Add the missing mon count to a cluster crd example (@multi-io) and add stable channel to the helm chart docs (@jbw976)


  • Correct device discovery (#2359, @dyusupov)
  • Clarifications for EdgeFS documentation (@dyusupov)