solidity 发布版本: Version 0.4.24

All remaining breaking changes planned for version 0.5.0 that can be implemented in a backwards-compatible way made it into this release. Solidity can now detect uninitialized storage pointers using control-flow analysis. It is again possible to assign multiple return values from a function to newly declared variables and the SMT checker is able to work with simple storage variables.

If you want to perform a source build, please only use solidity_0.4.24.tar.gz and not the zip provided by github directly.

Language Features:

  • Code Generator: Use native shift instructions on target Constantinople.
  • General: Allow multiple variables to be declared as part of a tuple assignment, e.g. (uint a, uint b) = ....
  • General: Remove deprecated constant as function state modifier from documentation and tests (but still leave it as a valid feature).
  • Type Checker: Deprecate the years unit denomination and raise a warning for it (or an error as experimental 0.5.0 feature).
  • Type Checker: Make literals (without explicit type casting) an error for tight packing as experimental 0.5.0 feature.
  • Type Checker: Warn about wildcard tuple assignments (this will turn into an error with version 0.5.0).
  • Type Checker: Warn when keccak256, sha256 and ripemd160 are not used with a single bytes argument (suggest to use abi.encodePacked(...)). This will turn into an error with version 0.5.0.

Compiler Features:

  • Build System: Update internal dependency of jsoncpp to 1.8.4, which introduces more strictness and reduces memory usage.
  • Control Flow Graph: Add Control Flow Graph as analysis structure.
  • Control Flow Graph: Warn about returning uninitialized storage pointers.
  • Gas Estimator: Only explore paths with higher gas costs. This reduces accuracy but greatly improves the speed of gas estimation.
  • Optimizer: Remove unnecessary masking of the result of known short instructions (ADDRESS, CALLER, ORIGIN and COINBASE).
  • Parser: Display nicer error messages by showing the actual tokens and not internal names.
  • Parser: Use the entire location of the token instead of only its starting position as source location for parser errors.
  • SMT Checker: Support state variables of integer and bool type.


  • Code Generator: Fix revert with reason coming from a state or local string variable.
  • Type Checker: Show proper error when trying to emit a non-event.
  • Type Checker: Warn about empty tuple components (this will turn into an error with version 0.5.0).
  • Type Checker: The ABI encoding functions are pure and thus can be used for constants.

We especially thank all our open source community contributors:

Alexander Arlt, Andreas Olofsson, Arun Kumar, daniel, David Sanders, GuessWho, Jason Cobb, Jonny Burger, Leo Arias, Luca Ban, Magicking, Matthew Ludwig, mingchuan, nisdas, njwest, Omar Boukli-Hacene, Rafiudeen Chozhan Kumarasamy, sledrho, Wenbin Wu