MPAndroidChart 发布版本: Version 3.1.0


This mostly includes bug fixes, but with a few notable differences. The biggest change is bumping MPAndroidChart's minSdkVersion to 14. If you have a lower version, you should stop supporting it and go up to 14 as well.

Please see the current distribution usages, as less than 1% of Android devices are running versions 15 and lower now.

Breaking Changes

  • minSdkVersion has been bumped to 14, read the above.
  • Easing class has been simplified, old methods of getting easing functions are DEPRECATED (35c9fc937ecda0dd2eb1a7b879aa869a48bfad3d)
  • Chart.saveToGallery(name, quality) now saves as a PNG instead of JPG (d67ea48)


  • Upgraded project to androidX, maven upgraded to 2.1, gradle upgraded to 4.6, android gradle to 3.2.1, android build tools to 28.0.3
  • Example project has been refreshed (d67ea481af1e8528c617dfd404d0c7827b0134b2, 5030b36c86cfa2d076bb6b86fa8fcb37ce58557f)
  • Grid lines can be drawn behind or infront of data (c97b8d531d5584b767d0587805c1c95018cf92d6)
  • Can use pie slice color for value line color (1e6e58d2c026be332d6756b04d85b33cd3d36c2b)
  • BarChart supports gradient colored bars (e4ba3cdc20555b5f7cd793e614ee13406a7605ec)


  • Zoom animations fixed (6c54f0b0a91ca87fe39dd63d9095e4f55d6c59ff)
  • Many rendering bugs fixed (43ae497ecf7427587687945496c6a70e65f01fcb, aee6058dbb74f4eb1aae8e88c7562d28a91e1e1c, 92c14db5b4de4efd43c9fd74361886b92111ca9f, 89436221db3d83991f9ecd830f871d4ce7da47a4)
  • Copying data sets fixed (7abc9cd6696f78c77068ffc278793594b33497fe)