conduit 发布版本: v0.4.3


Conduit v0.4.3 continues progress towards production readiness. It features a new latency-aware load balancer.

  • Production Readiness
    • The proxy now uses a latency-aware load balancer for outbound requests. This implementation is based on Finagle's Peak-EWMA balancer, which has been proven to significantly reduce tail latencies. This is the same load balancing strategy used by Linkerd.
  • User Interface
    • conduit stat is now slightly more predictable in the way it outputs things, especially for commands like watch conduit stat all --all-namespaces.
    • Failed and completed pods are no longer shown in stat summary results.
  • Internals
    • The proxy now supports some TLS configuration, though these features remain disabled and undocumented pending further testing and instrumentation.

Special thanks to @ihcsim for contributing his first PR to the project and to @roanta for discussing the Peak-EWMA load balancing algorithm with us.