jupytext 发布版本: Version 0.8.6


  • The language_info section is not part of the default header any more. Language information is now taken from metadata kernelspec.language. (#105).
  • When opening a paired notebook, the active file is now the file that was originally opened (#118). When saving a notebook, timestamps of all the alternative representations are tested to ensure that Jupyter's autosave does not override manual modifications.
  • Jupyter magic commands are now commented per default in the percent format (#126, #132). Version for the percent format increases from '1.1' to '1.2'. Set an option comment_magics to false either per notebook, or globally on Jupytext's contents manager, or on jupytext's command line, if you prefer not to comment Jupyter magics.
  • Jupytext command line has a pre-commit mode (#121).