react 发布版本: v16.4.1

16.4.1 (June 13, 2018)


  • You can now assign propTypes to components returned by React.ForwardRef. (@bvaughn in #12911)

React DOM

  • Fix a crash when the input type changes from some other types to text. (@spirosikmd in #12135)
  • Fix a crash in IE11 when restoring focus to an SVG element. (@ThaddeusJiang in #12996)
  • Fix a range input not updating in some cases. (@Illu in #12939)
  • Fix input validation triggering unnecessarily in Firefox. (@nhunzaker in #12925)
  • Fix an incorrect value for the onChange event in IE9. (@nhunzaker in #12976)
  • Fix a false positive error when returning an empty <React.Fragment /> from a component. (@philipp-spiess in #12966)

React DOM Server

React Test Renderer

  • Allow multiple root children in test renderer traversal API. (@gaearon in #13017)
  • Fix getDerivedStateFromProps() in the shallow renderer to not discard the pending state. (@fatfisz in #13030)