Nuke 发布版本: Nuke 7.2


  • #163 Add DataCaching protocol which can be used to implement custom data caches. It's not documented yet, the documentation is going to be updated in 7.2.1.


  • Initial iOS 12.0, Swift 4.2 and Xcode 10 beta 1 support
  • #167 ImagePipeline now uses OperationQueue instead of DispatchQueue for decoding images. The queue now respects ImageRequest priority. If the task is cancelled the operation added to a queue is also cancelled. The queue can be configured via ImagePipeline.Configuration.
  • #167 ImagePipeline now updates processing operations' priority.


  • Fix a regression where in certain deduplication scenarios a wrong image would be saved in memory cache
  • Fix MP4 demo project
  • Improve test coverage, bring back DataCache (internal) tests