psysh 发布版本: PsySH v0.9.4


  • Add support for a bound class when starting PsySH from inside a static class context.
  • Add support for self and static in commands like ls, show and doc.
  • Add tab completion for doc, ls and show commands (Thanks @lvht!)
  • Switch to Box for phar generation (Thanks @theofidry!)
  • Add an iconv polyfill to the "compat" build dependencies.
  • Add a code cleaner pass to detect issues with destructuring assignment via list and [] (Thanks @zonuexe!)
  • Add a bunch of test coverage.


  • Fix a minor bug closing input buffer hitting twice after a line ending in a backslash.
  • Fix false positives when matching command names, for example, if a line started with a command name in a quoted string.
  • Fix tab completion for methods, properties and constants of namespaced classes.
  • Stop executing commands inside strings that wrap onto multiple lines. I'm not sure whether this ever happened in real life, but it's kind of ridiculous and now it won't :P
  • Fix a reference assignment regression from v0.9.x.
  • Fix incorrect signature for traits in PHP 5.x. The reflection API says they're abstract public trait X, but we'll just call them trait X.
  • Fix using doc command with language constructs.
  • Fix the line number reported for some type errors.