probability 发布版本: TensorFlow Probability 0.4.0

Release Notes

This is the 0.4.0 release of TensorFlow Probability. It's tested and stable against TensorFlow 1.11.

Distributions & Bijectors

  • All TF core Distributions now live in TFP (old ones are deprecated but still there)
  • All TF core Bijectors now live in TFP (old ones are deprecated but still there)
  • CDF support for Independent
  • Seasonal effects and Sum components for Structural Time Series
  • Add Half-Cauchy Distribution
  • DCT (discrete cosine transform) Bijector
  • Support dynamic shapes in BatchNormalization Bijector
  • Add InverseGaussian Distribution
  • Scaffolding for Bayesian Structural Time Series models
  • Add VonMises Distribution
  • Add Pareto distrubiton
  • Implicit reparameterization for TruncatedNormal

Sampling & Inference

  • Various improvements to BFGS and line search methods
  • Add tape interceptor in Edward2
  • GLM fitting with proximal gradient and L1/L2-regularization
  • Support nested interceptors in Edward2

Documentation & Examples

  • Update docs to point to tfp instead of tf/tf.contrib
  • Credit card interest notebook
  • Bayesian Neural Net (VGG, ResNet18) examples on CIFAR-10 data
  • Disentangled Sequential Autoencoder example
  • Eager-mode, single-chain No-U-Turn Sampler
  • Grammar VAE example using Edward2
  • Deep exponential family example using Edward2
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation example using Edward2
  • Factorial Mixtures notebook

Huge thanks to all the contributors to this release!

  • Asim Shankar
  • Ben Zinberg
  • Billy Lamberta
  • Brian Patton
  • Christopher Suter
  • Copybara-Service
  • cyrilchimisov
  • Dave Moore
  • davmre
  • Dustin Tran
  • Ian Langmore
  • jiamingz
  • Jiaming Zeng
  • Jonathan J Hunt
  • Joshua V. Dillon
  • Keyon Vafa
  • Mark Daoust
  • Matthew McAteer
  • mgorinova
  • mhoffman
  • Michael Figurnov
  • Mike Dusenberry
  • rif
  • saxeas
  • srvasude
  • William D. Irons
  • yunhao